Hytrel® and Lomod® – co-polyester block elastomers

unique materials with unique properties

Hytrel® - a co-polyester block elastomer

I was sorting through some images today, and came across this one. It is a promotional image from my days as an Application Engineer at DuPont. At the time, DuPont was promoting an elastomer with the trade name Hytrel®. It was / is a direct competitor to an elastomer from GE with the trade name Lomod®. Both are polyester block co-polymers.

These materials have some unique characteristics:

  • high chemical resistance
  • high flex fatigue life (basically off the charts for bending)
  • high tear strength (so no problems with stitching)

The stuff is not cheap, but one can mold a pattern, then stitch fabric to it, and then bend it to the final shape. It out-performs leather 9 times out of 10.

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