Fundamentals of Plastic Material Selection

This course presents a methodology for plastic material selection. Using common layman’s language, we translate generic terms about a material’s characteristics, such as stiffness, strength and toughness, into specific technical...

A Primer on Performance Plastics

Performance Plastics are not the cheap plastics your grandmother complained about – they are high performance materials that can do mind boggling things.

Thermoplastic Material Selection: A Practical Guide

The Plastics Guide Book   Thermoplastic Material Selection: A Practical Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the world of thermoplastics. It discusses the importance – and the challenges – of material...


The Polymer Science Learning Center A wonderful site put together by Lon Jay Mathias, of the Department of Polymer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi “A plastics engineer gets personal with plastics recycling...

Consulting Services

Services provided through Art of Mass Production, an engineering consulting company.

Educational Services

Training Seminars are offered in a variety of topics in the field of plastics technology.

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