Consulting Services

Services provided through Art of Mass Production, an engineering consulting company.

The following services are provided through Art of Mass Production, an engineering consulting company specializing in the technologies of mass production.

Engineering Services

▪ Concept Generation
▪ Detailed Part Design
▪ Prototyping & Testing
▪ Project Management

▪ Product Development
▪ Engineering Documentation
▪ Tolerance Analyses
▪ Vendor Sourcing / Liaison

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The path from concept to mass production is never an easy one. There are countless obstacles along the way, ranging from the simple to the sublime.

Many companies have a rigorous methodology for “fixing” these kinds of problems. They usually involve committees with lots of people, who then hold lots of meetings (often with a fair amount of yelling and table pounding), who then write meeting minutes with lots of action items, followed by more meetings (with more yelling and more table pounding).

Our methodology is pretty simple: We identify (and quantify) the problem, brainstorm on the variables that could be involved, do some preliminary investigation on the importance of these variables, run some quick verification tests, isolate the major contributors, and then put action plans in place to monitor and control those variables. Along the way, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on everything we do. While it’s pretty simple, it’s not easy. (Then again, that’s why we get paid the big bucks).

If you have a problem that needs trouble shooting, give us a call. We’ve never met a production problem that we can’t fix.

For more information on our troubleshooting expertise please click here.

Litigation Support

Eric R. Larson can provide your legal team with technical expertise on a wide variety of technical issues. Services include legal discovery on patent disputes or product failures, review of evidence, technical report preparation, forensic engineering services, or acting as an expert witness.

Using a mix of allegory, humor, and common sense language, he is able to explain complex technical issues in an appropriate and easy to understand manner – no matter the audience. He has the rare ability to communicate at every level of understanding, from technical expert, to educated professional, to the layman, or simply to the man on the street.

To initiate a confidential inquiry on litigation support please click here.

Technical Consultation

Eric R. Larson is available for private consultations on plastics technology, including design, material selection, process optimization, and failure analysis. An initial consultation is available at no cost1 to the client.

1Exclusive of Travel Expenses.

To schedule a consultation please click here.


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