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Material Selection Based on Feel

Feel is often an overlooked aspect of material selection, but it offers significant advantages.

A Method for Technical Evaluation

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touch is an integral aspect of feel

I just received word that my paper “Material Selection Based on Feel: A Methodology for Technical Evaluation” has been re-published in GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe, April 2015, article 252. GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe (Rubber, Fibers & Plastics) is a specialised German journal, published monthly, covering topics about rubber, fibres, and plastics. Since 1948 the journal continuously offers scientific, but particularly technical and application orientated papers dealing with new raw materials, materials, processing technologies, etc.

“Sensorische Werkstoffbeurteilung: Eine Methodik zur technischen Bewertung von Kunststoffen”

The paper was originally presented at the Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC) of the Society of Plastics Engineers, in April of 2014. It was later developed into a chapter of my book Thermoplastics Material Selection: A Practical Guide, published by Elsevier.

While I doubt the topic will ever be as popular as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik*, published in 1787 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1, I do like to think of it as a serenade of sorts.

*while the literal translation of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is “A little Night Music,” the real translation is “a little serenade” – where the word serenade describes a calm, serene musical composition, that is often presented as an expression of love or honor.

thermoplastic material selection
Eric’s newest book, Thermoplastic Material Selection: A Practical Guide, was published in May of 2105 by Elsevier, and is available from Amazon. Elsevier is one of the world’s largest academic publishers. This article was originally posted on the Elsevier author site, and is re-printed here with the permission of the publisher.


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