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Debunking the Myth of Cheap Plastic Parts

A conversation with a client provides insights into the true meaning of quality.

this crazy little thing called feel

When it comes to plastic materials, there is often a difference between published property data and actual performance - especially when evaluating the end-use performance of a plastic part in a real-world scenario.

Selecting Thermoplastic Materials for Performance, Cost, and Feel

At the Cyclitech 2016 conference, Eric Larson gave a presentation on the issues involved in selecting thermoplastic materials for use in the bicycle industry.

from good, to better, to best

Performance Plastics are not the cheap, flimsy plastic that your grandmother used to complain about – they are high performance materials that can often wreak havoc on the performance of traditional materials such as tin, iron, copper, and steel.

less deforestion, cleaner oceans

Now this is news that will make you smile!

toughness - whatever property that is lacking in that part that just broke

In the world of engineering, the term toughness is used to describe the ability of a material to withstand sudden impact without failure. It is a simple concept, but the toughness of a material is often difficult to accurately measure. What exactly is a “sudden” impact? What is, and is not, failure?

The simple answer: Maybe

Using re-grind in the injection molding process essentially means you are using a resin blend. The end result can be a mangy mutt, an elegant Bordeaux, or something in between.

A Profile from the Protocase User Community

the art barn
Take a look at this short video made by Protocase, one of my vendors.

The Four Horsemen of the Plastic Apocalypse

Extreme environmental conditions - such as temperature, chemicals, radiation, even time – can wreak havoc on the performance of thermoplastic materials. I like to call the conditions the Four Horsemen of the Plastic Apocalypse.

Selecting Plastics for High Heat Performance

dog days are over
Unlike many other materials, thermoplastic materials have a unique relationship with heat.