Mom’s insulin pen

With friends, family, and dinner parties, the question is inevitable: Of all the things you’ve designed, what is your favorite? For me, it is an unremarkable-looking insulin pen.

Playing with Fire

Designing a product so that it can’t cause harm - even if it is mis-used – is hard to do. And when kids are in the mix, the matrix of possible mis-uses is overwhelming.

Seeing Things Differently

The next time you’re engaged in a design problem, try on a different pair of glasses, and see what happens.

Clean Water

Sometimes, a great design solution comes from re-thinking the problem. Some musings on the delivery of fresh drinking water to people around world.

F5 Tornado

I spent the last few days helping my step-sister recover from the effects of an F5 tornado. It gave new meaning to the phrase, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

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