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Shipping Pallets made from Recycled Plastic?

Pallets manufactured using 100% mixed waste plastic as a material source. Now this is news that will make you smile!

less deforestion, cleaner oceans

Plastics get a bad rap, especially when it comes to discarded plastics in the marine environment. I came across an interesting story today, about a company in Australia that is developing technology to reprocess mixed plastic waste into shipping pallets. The company is Range International (, and their product is called Re>Pal.

Not only does the technology reduce deforestation (some claim the wooden pallet industry is a major contributor to that issue), they are using 100% mixed waste plastic as a material source. The company even counts Prince Albert of Monaco as an investor.

Re>Pal pallets 2

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  • Dear Mr. Eric Larson,

    With great interest I have been reading several of you articles.

    I was wondering if you have been reading about QCP in the Netherlands?

    They have developed high quality circular resin extrusion/blow moulding PE and injection PP. Which can be used in a vast variety of products.

    In their highly efficient and advanced plant, they take recycling to a whole new level! Please check the website from QCP … for more info.

    We are working closely together with them as one of their partners in marketing and sales of these circular raw materials (I’m the sales manager for Scandinavia).

    The interest is big, slowly project after project is coming online.
    With the knowledge that first commercial materials where only available early this year.
    QCP has a currently yearly a capacity of 50/Kt output (50/50 PE and PP). This can easily be increased to 100/Kt at the location where they are situated.

    QCP has been triggering the interest of potential customers all over Europe, but also world wide. The growing environmental awareness and a high quality circular product is a great alternative for the settled prime virgin qualities.

    I hope that I have been able to trigger your interest as well, when you would like to know more and would like to get more info… please give me send me a mail. I will bring you in contact with the right contact persons within QCP.

    Thank you for your interest and time.

    Hans Nijhuis
    TCR Plastics

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